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Mystic Timber SauceScoop Midi Dabber Maple

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Artist/Brand: Mystic Timber
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Product Details

Since the introduction of the extremely popular pocket SauceSpoon, customers have been requesting a SauceScoop with the 3 1/2″ midi handle. We promised we would make them available and the time has come! The Midi Handled SauceScoop is HERE!

The SauceScoop has all the capabilities of our SauceSpoon but on the popular 3 1/2″ midi handle. It’s great for dealing with all consistencies, particularly diamonds and sauce.
Get ready to hunt for diamonds! The SauceScoop is perfect for diving into Sauce Jars, and the wide foundation of the spoon’s titanium terp trough will catch-and-carry all that sweet, sweet nectar. How much sauce could a SauceScoop scoop, if a SauceScoop could scoop sauce? Let’s find out!

The wooden handle of every SauceScoop is handcrafted of sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods, beveled and buffed with a non-toxic proprietary wax to a lustrous shine by artisans in the Mystic Timber Wood Shop in New Jersey. No two are exactly alike. It’s the perfect accessory for any sophisticated collector to take on their journeys.

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