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All You Need to know about Glass Pipes | BC Smoke Shop

All You Need to know about Glass Pipes | BC Smoke Shop

All You Need To Know About Glass Spoon Pipes


The next time you’re wandering into your friendly neighborhood smoke shop, and the dizzying array of pipes have you baffled, glass pipes are a good way to go. Pipes are very handy and are found and made in a variety of materials. Apart from the classic wooden pipes, there are pipes made of stone, ceramic, and metal.  However, glass pipes not only add a definitive style quotient to the smoking experience, but they’re also very practical for several reasons.


 The Basics of a Glass Pipe


If you’re a little bit intimidated by the practicalities of how to use a spoon pipe, we’ve got you covered. The spoon is one of the simplest pipes to use, especially so when it is made of glass. The mechanics of it are quite simple, and because of the stellar melting point of glass, it is one of the safest choices to make while selecting an ideal pipe.


The first step to using the spoon is to fill it up. However, you need to keep in mind the simple fact that in order for the preferred smoking substance to burn evenly and smoothly, crushing it into tiny bits is important. While grinding the herb into small bits is important, powdering it up might cause the substance to escape through the neck, into the mouthpiece, causing an unpleasant smoking experience.


After packing in the substance, you need to put your finger on the carb and inhale as you light it up. This will cause the herb to catch fire evenly, after which you simply need to take your finger off the carburetor, to inhale in the smoke that the vacuum produced. A little bit of practice and fine-tuning the act of putting your finger every time you want to produce smoke, and taking the finger off while inhaling, will happen quite smoothly. Like everything else this is a process, however, you will get used to it in no time. The eagerness to learn is also expedited by the right company and the right stuff.


Why Glass Pipes Are Amazing



One of the biggest advantages of the spoon pipe is how easy it is to use. You don’t need to look up the instructions constantly, because the steps to using it are so easy to get a hang of. Another major benefit to these pipes is that they require no additional tools. Apart from being highly portable, and convenient because these pipes do not use water, the material also factors into why it's awesome.


Glass does not add to the flavor of the substance you’re smoking, so if you’re a purist you like to seep in the flavor of the herb while taking a hit, then this piece of equipment is carved out for you. Unlike, smoking from a wooden pipe,  you can enjoy only the flavor of the herb without any additions intruding upon your experience. Glass can also be blown up in a variety of trippy colors, and can have lovely patterns integrated into them. Therefore, you can choose the perfect glass pipe to best reflect your unique personality. 


Also, no one likes to clean up after a hit and since glass is not porous, cleaning your hand pipe will be as easy as pie. The cleaning process can go smoothly, without bits of herb or ash sticking to the sneaky corners. Also, another practical advantage of this structure, is that it sits flat on surfaces, therefore preventing nasty tilts which can seriously upset your smoking experience.


Some More Factoids About the Glass Spoon Pipe



In case you’re heading to your local smoke shop and you’re worried about the technical jargon, keep in mind, that the bowl is not to be confused with the pipe. The bowl vs pipe misconception has existed for a very long time indeed. A large amount of information uses the term “bowl” instead of “pipe” and this is a false comparison, because a pipe refers to the shape and structure of the apparatus, while a bowl refers to a part in a smoking apparatus. So in essence, most pipes are bowls, however, all bowls are not equivalent to pipes, because bowls can be found on a variety of different kinds of smoking instruments.


Glass pipes, as mentioned earlier, took off in the mid-nineties, but have essentially been in practice for a very long time. The non-combustible nature of glass, coupled with the discovery of glassblowing, led to the invention of smoking apparatus akin to your handy glass pipe.


Glass as a material is also free from toxins. While there might be certain apprehensions about smoking materials, glass does not feature in these conversations, because apart from looking gorgeous and being very sleek, it is also free from hazardous materials which might cause side effects later.


While metal spoon pipes have a habit of heating up over gradual and sustained use, glass pipe mouthpieces are free from this problem, and therefore, eliminate the chance of discomfort.


Tips and Tricks to Keep Handy



Never fill up the bowl of your glass pipe completely. A good measure is to leave one-fourth of the top empty. The more densely you pack in the stuff, the harder it will be for it to burn evenly, and disperse smoke smoothly. This will result in wastage, which nobody likes or wants.


Be mindful of not inhaling too hard when you have your finger on the carburetor. Remember the finite amount of space in the spoon pipe, and also that you want to save some lung space for when you release the carburetor, and inhale in the smoke. Here at BC Smoke Shop, we’re ready to set you up with the right kind of glass spoon pipe, and we’re also here to help you figure out the few steps you need to know to get the perfect smoking experience. But most importantly, we want you to have fun with your favorite, portable, sleek smoking tool without any hassles or apprehensions!  









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