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Things to Take Care While Choosing Water Pipes | BC Smoke Shop

Things to Take Care While Choosing Water Pipes | BC Smoke Shop

Things To Take Care Of While Choosing Water Pipes And Accessories

You might have graduated to a point of your smoking experience, where you feel ready to take on a water pipe. It's not as intimidating as it sounds! First off, let’s clear up what a water pipe is, shall we? Any smoking instrument which uses water as its primary filtration is called a water pipe. So essentially, it is a glass tube that uses water. Instead of traveling through the air, the smoke works its way through the water, and water pipes come in many shapes and sizes. The right water pipes for smoking wary amongst individuals, but there are a few details you need to know while picking out a water pipe online, or at a smoke shop.



Picking Out the Right Water Pipe


Before picking out your favorite smoking accessories, zeroing in on the right kind of water pipe is important. There are many different kinds of smoking tools on the market. While tubes are bigger, and therefore help produce a substantive amount of smoke, bubblers are smaller, more compact versions, which can be carried around.


Choose Your Fit


Before deciding on the kind of water pipe you want to purchase, figure out where you will be using them. If you plan on smoking at home, tubes are the way to go, and are also great for sharing. However, bubblers can be carried outside more frequently, and are therefore perfect for mobility.


You might also want to consider your preferences for either dry herbs or concentrates. While there are water pipes that allow for both, if you’re very particular about your choice, you need to decide on the size and shape of the water pipes you’re using, because they impact the smoking experience considerably.


Glass water pipes are generally very popular, and while selecting the right water pipe, you would want to look at durability over style. While it's not always a choice between the two, durability is the dominant factor and choosing the right kind of water pipe with thick glass, which is not very fragile, and can withstand some hardy usage, is always a safe bet. Borosilicate glass is the way to go when selecting the right kind of glass water pipes. In choosing an eater pipe, some folks prefer to focus on the art, whereas some folks prefer to focus on the function.


The Right Accessories for the Perfect experience!

With an idea of the kind of materials available for water pipes, an important factor to the right smoking experience is the accessories that different water pipes come with. Apart from the accessories, they’re endowed with, most kinds of water pipes also leave plenty of room for customization.


Ice pinches allow the smoke to cool down to a favorable temperature, thereby allowing you to inhale cool, smooth smoke. If this is your primary agenda for the perfect smoking experience, asking for water pipes with ice catchers is necessary. These ice catchers are typically found on the necks of most water pipes, and allow for ice pinches, which allows for the cooling of the smoke.


While some water pipes have a natural splash guard built into them, you might want to invest in accessorizing with this handy tool for a hassle-free experience. While water pipes allow for a smooth smoking experience, there is always the risk of dirty water somehow making its way into the mouthpiece of your favorite smoking tool. To prevent this unpleasant experience from occurring, accessorize with the right splash guard or add an ash catcher to it so you won’t have to worry.


While bubblers provide a stable experience, straight tubes allow for a varied amount of accessorizing. Beakers are a category of water pipes that allow for a lot of smoke to collect on account of their structure and are also imbued with different kinds of percolators. Percolator water pipes elevate the cooling experience, while multi-chamber and recycler water pipes add for a truly elevated smoking experience with very sophisticated layouts of chambers as well as percolators, to allow the smoke to cool down for a truly smooth experience. They can also be used in other ways with a little bit of accessorizing.


To wrap up, before you figure out where to buy water pipes, decide on your primary requirements. Will you be using it at home, or on the go? What are your priorities, in terms of cooling, mobility, and the price point? Do you smoke dried herbs or concentrates, and do you require it for your use exclusively, or to pass around as well? These questions can help you narrow down your search for the perfect water pipe and the smooth smoking experience you’ve been craving.


Here at BC Smoke Shop, we anticipate the various needs our customers might have, and therefore, keep ourselves stocked with a large range of options, along with the right kind of support to help you streamline your way to the perfect fit. Visit our website today and check out our amazing products and collections that will elevate your smoking experience.







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