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Get Premium Quality Puffco Vaporizer in Houston | BC Smoke Shop

Get Premium Quality Puffco Vaporizer in Houston | BC Smoke Shop

How To Get The Premium Quality Puffco Vaporizer in Houston



The Game Changer



When it comes to vaporizers, Puffco is definitely at the top of its game. The brand is responsible for ground-breaking innovation as far as vapes are concerned, and Puffco’s blend of quality, variety, and sophistication of design renders it top-notch in the field. If you’re headed to a smoke shop to look for a good quality vaporizer, Puffco is the way to go!


This brand has spearheaded the innovation of some truly sophisticated upgrades on vaporizers. Vape pens being able to vaporize concentrates without the use of coils or wicks is all thanks to this brand’s standards of innovation. If you’re at your smoke shop, and you need a good vape that allows for a smooth smoking experience, you need not look beyond Puffco.


Puffco Dab Pens 


If you’re looking for premium quality Puffco vaporizers, then Puffco dab pens are a clear winner. Their dab pens are engineered to release the right amount of smoke in short bursts, therefore adding to a pleasurable smoking experience, without leaving you overwhelmed. For the perfect hit, the dab pens are designed to release an ideal amount of vaporized concentrate, while wasting minimal amounts of the good stuff.


Puffco Plus

If you’re planning on heading to the smoke shop, but are feeling overwhelmed with the number of products Puffco has under its belt, then ask for the Puffco Plus. It is undoubtedly one of the best dab pens by the brand and has also been awarded for its unique design and quality. Its technology ensures the fact that the Puffco Plus delivers the most flavor from the concentrate, thereby enhancing your smoking experience exponentially. The two gorgeous color options it comes in don’t hurt the discerning smoker either! Whether it’s a pop of color or a discreet, classic monotone you’re going for, these pens have you covered.


The Puffco plus is a marvel right from the mouthpiece. The small, compact, and sleek design doesn’t compromise on comfort at all. Instead, not only does the mouthpiece come armed with a carb cap, but its design also combines a nifty splash guard, as well as a loading tool!


The Pen of Tomorrow

As mentioned earlier, Puffco has gained its indubitable reputation from developing the innovative technology which allows vaporizers to operate without coils. The ceramic bowl has pressure sealing qualities, which allows for the heat dispersion to happen at an even, and stable rate, therefore preventing the unnecessary wastage of concentrate. This technology also ensures the fact that the lovely flavor of the concentrate isn’t burnt off. This dab pen allows for a spectacularly flavorful smoking experience each time.


Not only does this pen allow for even heating sans the harshness of coils, but it also comes with the option of selecting the heat level of heat you desire. Depending on how much concentrate you’re using, you can adjust the heat settings for the right kind of flavor kick. The different heat modes also affect the smoke. So depending on the amount of flavor and smoke you want for the perfect hit, play around with the heat settings to find that sweet spot.


The Puffco Plus is also a design beauty. Not only does it pack in a punch in terms of its functionality, but the sleek body also does not allow for fingerprints to tarnish the beautiful design. Puffco dab pens are made to be mobile, for the smoker who is on the go. Therefore, these pens charge super-fast and have admirable battery life, which will ensure that you are not left in the lurch during a long day outside.


While all of these features are huge contributors to the ideal smoking experience, the Puffco dab pens are special for one more reason: the sesh mode! If you’re out looking for a premium quality Puffco product, then head to the smoke shop with the Plus in mind, because of its exclusive feature. If you’re looking for a wholesome dose, you needn’t hold down the button for continuous heating any longer. A simple, elegant double-tapping motion on the button will allow for 12 uninterrupted seconds of heating, thereby making sure the intensity is amped up to the optimal level, for the best hit on the go!


Most of these features mentioned above, including the coil-free vaporizing mechanism, as well as the sesh mode, are all innovations that are unique to this lovely brand, which keeps its consumers in mind while designing every new piece it releases. The Puffco Plus is the crowning jewel of its innovative capabilities. Dab pens can be carried around and can be used in a variety of different settings. When looking for one of the best that this brand has to offer, this beauty of a dab pen surely takes the cake!

The brand values understanding the requirements of their consumer, while delivering quality that will be exceptional. This dab pen is not only mobile and compact, it is also a unique smoking tool that makes sure you don’t ever have to compromise on flavor and settle merely for functionality. It combines the best of these two requirements into the dab pen in such a way, that you get a customized, flavor-packed hit, no matter where you are, and what your requirements might be.



We, at BC Smoke Shop, value good quality and want to make sure that we keep our customers connected with the best the market has to offer. If you’re looking for premium quality vaporizers to be on the go, but you’re also a connoisseur of premium quality concentrate, then investing in the Puffco Plus is a must! We keep ourselves well-stocked, and ensure only the best tools for the best smoking experience, no matter where you are! With the Puffco dab pens handy, we’ll make sure you have variety at your fingertips, without ever compromising on your mobility. These pioneers of vape pens have all of our attention, and we’re here to make sure you’re never in need of premium smoke tools. 


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