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Toro Glass - More Than Just A Smoke Tool | BC Smoke Shop

Toro Glass - More Than Just A Smoke Tool | BC Smoke Shop

Toro Glass - More Than Just A Smoke Tool

There is a reason why JP Toro’s name is uttered in hushed tones of reverence. His glass-making skills are incredible, and for those who take their smoking experience seriously, it doesn’t get better than Toro glass. Toro, the company, was officially in business in 2008, and by then, the studio run by J.P Toro had already gained a formidable reputation. Based in New York, Toro is a brand name that is not simply known for producing smoking tools, but is almost unanimously lauded for making high-quality objects, with incredible glass, scientific knowledge, and a refined eye for innovation and design!


Priceless Art


There is a reason you won’t find Toro Glass for sale just about anywhere. The keen focus on perfection also means that Toro products are highly exclusive. Only a very established smoke shop near you will be stocking these unique pieces, and it is well worth the search, to own one of these smoking tools. Toro engages select dealers, who are vetted and authorized, but once you’ve reached the right smoke shop that stocks Toro Glass, you know you’ve arrived at your perfect smoking destination.


Iconic Beauty 

Toro Glass has been making glass smoking pipes for a while now, and apart from the impeccable quality of glass, each of these tools is very unique. From their concentration bangers to their dab rigs, each product is visually and mechanically geared to give you a holistic experience that might be hard to replace. Their Terp Slurper, for example, is an iconic product that allows for the perfect kind of percolation, while preventing overspill of that premium concentrate.


The Terp Slurper has gained cult status on account of how well its design is engineered to deliver the perfect smoking experience and is almost always sold out. When it comes to a classic Toro banger, the Terp Slurper is a product you cannot afford to go wrong with. However, Toro Glass isn’t only known for its premium quality bangers.


The brand prides itself on making several exclusive smoking tools. Their grails are made of premium quartz, and are also quite iconic, while their ash catchers are as aesthetically pleasing, as they’re practical.


If you want to enjoy your smoking experience, and you pride yourself on getting only good quality products, be the connoisseur you want to be, and get yourself some elite tools by Toro.  They do not disappoint. Apart from the tools mentioned above, they’ve also got an admirable collection of rigs as well as tubes. They have heat rods, caps, and core reactors, each made as meticulously as the other, thereby making them collector’s items!


Complements Your Smoke


Not only does Toro glass focus on making your concentrate experience novel, but they also have a bunch of very cool instruments for those quality dry herbs you’ve been itching to smoke in a well-deserving instrument. The circ to circ water pipes are made of incredible glass, with minimalistic design, but optimized features. These water pipes are as impressive as they are effective. With 18 inches to boast of, they produce and hold in an admirable amount of smoke, and if you’re in the mood to take your smoking to the next level, what better way to do it, than Toro?


Triple Jet Rig


If dab rigs are your smoking equipment of choice, then the Triple Jet Rig by Toro will make you fall in love all over again. The percolator is a triple jet one, which allows smoke to be filtered impeccably so that your hits are smooth while keeping the flavor intact. 


Toro Grail

If a premium quality, quartz Toro banger is what you’re looking for, then the Toro Grail lives up to its name. the quartz ensures premium heating while keeping the flavor intact, and the clear, clean design, coupled with the quality structure, will add to this banger becoming your absolute favorite.


New smokers might find the prices to be a little steep, but if you want to elevate your experience, and buy smoking tools that have cult status, Toro Glass is definitely for you. With its select dealers, comes a select clientele, because seasoned smokers know the practical and aesthetic value of owning these premium instruments. However, even for new smokers, if you’re looking for a flawless experience, Toro Glass delivers.


BC Smoke Means Perfection

We, at BC Smoke Shop, strive to deliver only the best for our clients, and Toro Glass is high up on the list of premium products that make smoking easy, flavorful, and fun. We pride ourselves on delivering authentic Toro Glass and are always here to help our customers figure out what is right for them.


There are several factors you will need to consider before selecting your perfect Toro Glass tool. Are you favorable toward dry herbs, or do you prefer concentrates? Are you in the mood to share, or are you looking for something compact and mobile for your personal use? What are the tools you’re missing in your current setup, and how can the Toro products step in to fill those gaps? These are issues that we’ll help you consider when you’re out shopping for the perfect Toro piece.



Iconic is the word that comes to mind when one thinks of Toro glass products. Those who prefer glass pipes and add-ons, know the value of premium quality glass, and how it is a practical investment if you’re looking to smoke on it. Glass is one of the best materials you can opt for while smoking. It has an incredibly high melting point, and therefore, doesn’t interact with the flavor of your favorite smoking material. It is not porous, which makes cleaning a breeze, and most importantly, it is free of a lot of toxins. High-quality glass does not feel as fickle and delicate as something purely aesthetic, and minimalistic designs ensure that your Toro glass products will survive the test of time without feeling dated. So if you’re looking for quality, the cult status of Toro glass lives up to the hype. Let us connect you with that one true piece you’ve been missing in your idyllic smoking session!




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